Welcome to “The Old Work Shop” At Saddonkey.com

This site is not new but due to being as tech savvy as an amoeba with a cell missing and as speedy as a snail on Valium it just may take some time to get it going, what I require from you is some encouragement (somewhere between demanding and praise based reward), failing that, a hug will do or if you are particularly hairy maybe just a cup of tea and some cake. Hope to see you in person one day, that way you can at least realise you are not alone in your madness.

This is a place where recycling, up-cycling, creating and reconditioning will happen.

I hope you will return time and time again, to see what items are for sale and what projects are being featured.

There will be reconditioned hand tools, quirky functional items, one off pieces and some useful classic/vintage items for sale.

In the future there will be opportunity to commission an individual, functional, quirky work piece of your own.

Not there yet