The Simple Hair band

The simple hair band

The Mora Knife brand is possibly one of the best and most trusted first choice knives for forest school and bushcraft alike. It’s relatively cheap, well made and they come in an array of colours and styles to suit.

One of the few issues I have come across is that when they have been used for some time, the mechanism that secures the knife in its sheath becomes less effective and they can fall out in certain situations such as in transit (mine came out in my rucksack and created a sunroof in a tarp).

This is not a big issue and I am not denigrating the knife in any way – the one that I use is now 6 or 7 years old, in regular use and is still serving me well.

But if this is going to cause you an issue and you want your knife extra secure, especially when in transit, or you are working with groups and you want to add an additional layer of security to ensure they stay sheathed, then the simple hair band can be a very effective solution without breaking the bank.

Simply double the hair band and slide it through the belt hook as per the pictures below:

Once in place, the knife can be secured when not in use, whether the sheaf is being worn by the user or not.

So, if you want added security to avoid any hair raising moments this might be for you.

Knives are not dangerous.

How they’re used may be.


Before using tools you should be familiar in how they function and how to use them in a safe and appropriate manner.

Only use tools in the way in which you were taught until you are competent enough to risk-assess any adjustments to how they are used.

This idea is given freely but is based upon you being able to reach the above criteria i.e. competent and able to asses if it will suit your needs.